On Football, Warrior Culture, and Manhood
Looks like the warrior culture spilled into the comments too.

How to Write a Great Book Review
Aaron Armstrong’s free eBook will help school kids as well as bloggers. It will also make you a better reader.

For All Who Ever Lost a Child
Moving video and poem by John Piper.

10 Tips for Embracing People With Mental Illness in the Church
“I believe that the church intends to be kind, loving and inclusive to all people but I want to suggest that we could be better about loving our brothers and sisters with mental illnesses. Here are a few thoughts on how we can make a better effort.”

Pilgrim’s Progress Revisited (And a Giveaway)
If you’ve never given your child a copy of Pilgrim’s Progress, now would be a great time.

What Every Young Christian Needs to Know About the Bible
Neat video by young people for young people.