Infographic (Download)
Josh Kwekel put together this one page Christ-centered summary of the Old Testament.

5 Things Christians Should Stop Saying
“We mean well, don’t we? But sometimes our attempts to say something spiritual actually come out unbiblical, or at a minimum, not very helpful. Here’s the 5 I hear the most…”

Joel Osteen talks Preaching Sin, Materialism, and Gay Marriage
It’s as bad as you think it will be.

Communicating with People who Have Dementia
Very helpful counsel from Chris Bogosh.

Can You Trust The Bible?
Todd Pruitt has put together a list of resources to help people understand and embrace the doctrine of the Scripture’s inerrancy.

How to Read the Whole Bible in 2014.
Justin taylor must have spent the whole of 2013 putting this resource list together.

  • mariep

    I admit, I didn’t think Osteen would say that he would mot “marry” gays because “I feel that would go against what the Scriptures teaches.” I was also surprised that he thought there would be a backlash if he supported it because “I don’t feel like that’s what the Scriptures says.”

    It’s interesting that he includes forgiveness in his list o things he preaches on- how does one do that without talking about sin? How does one do that without saying we must die to ourselves? Those who are blessed by inheriting the Kingdom and being comforted are those who are poor in spirit and mourn over sin. We need the whole counsel of God!

    • mariep

      Meant to add that that first paragraph- he says he’s not theologian but yet that’s a theology right there- of course, he says that’s what he feels the Scripture says- the question is, is it his conviction?