The Church’s Biggest Problem
You. And me.

The Most Important Leadership Trait You Shun
What sets the best leaders apart? “Their ability to know their limitations, surround themselves with others who fill their gaps, and perhaps most important of all, freely and openly admit to others that they are aware of and comfortable with their shortcomings. These leaders attract and retain the best employees, and inspire them to be vulnerable too.”

Surviving Anxiety
This is an incredible article. If you want to get insight into what it’s like to suffer anxiety and panic attacks have a read of this. And if you suffer from anxiety, you might think you’re the model of calm after reading this.

Psychology: Friend or Foe
I’m really enjoying Chris Bogosh’s new blog about “Informing, transforming, and reforming the Christian’s approach to modern medicine.” Here’s another balanced and biblical article.

Showing Honor
Ray Ortlund identifies four obstacles that may be preventing us from outdoing one another in showing honor (Romans 12:10).

A Good Book Can Rewire Your Brain
“New research, carried out at Emory University in the US, found that reading a good book may cause heightened connectivity in the brain and neurological changes that persist in a similar way to muscle memory.” And if you need more motivation to get reading, why not try Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf Challenge.

  • Kevin Sorensen

    Prof. Murray,

    I’ve been reading/following your thoughts here for, well at least two years now, I think.

    When you do these ‘Check Out’ posts or your worldview posts, where do you get your links? Do you read these all yourself? Do you have others who help you locate them?

    The reason (well, one of them, at least) I ask is I’m constantly fascinated by how good they are! Thanks.

    • David Murray

      Hi Kevin. Glad you enjoy these posts. I actually do them all myself. I use Feedly to bring about 150 blogs and websites to one place for reading. Takes me about 30 mins to scan for good content. Then about 15 mins to put Check out together and maybe another 30-45 to put Worldview together. It’s kind of my hobby, especially in the Michigan winters. I enjoy it and learn a lot from the process.