Free Narrated Film Version of Pilgrim’s Progress for Kids
Bit basic but might be a good tool for a Sunday afternoon.

A Few Good Men, Not a Few Good Yes-Men
Carl Trueman: “every minister needs good local elders, men whom he has not chosen, who see him each Sunday, who hear him preach and pray, who connect with him during the week, who see how he treats his wife and his children, who observe how he speaks to visitors, who know how he relates to his neighbours, to keep him accountable both to the Word of God and to congregation which he serves.  Anything less, anything other, is simply unbiblical and in the long run a recipe for disaster.”

The Printed Book is Not Dead – Long Live the Book
Surprising Infographic on the state of the publishing industry. The good news is that although eBook sales have grown significantly over the last few years, most of the sales have been in addition to printed books rather than cannibalizing them.

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage
Tim Challies lists the 6 greatest enemies of our marriages. Good one for couple to discuss and pray about.

Ten Regrets, Ten Graces
Your New Year resolutions already smashed to smithereens? Read Katelyn Beaty’s neat way of finding positives among the negatives. Why not resolve to develop this ability?

6 Simple Habits to Keep You Consistently Happy Every Day

  1. Wake up early
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Have a habit of disengagement
  4. Regularly help others
  5. Learn new skills
  6. Have multiple ways to win each day

A Short History of Student Missions [Video]

A Short History of Student Missions from Citygate Films on Vimeo.