We don’t have to read the book or see the movie to know that Heaven is for Real
Nancy Guthrie isn’t going to see the movie and doesn’t think anyone else should either. Instead she calls us to exercise faith in the only reliable testimony, the Word of God.

15 Signs Your Church is Growing in the Right Way
Aaron Armstrong says “one of the surest signs of the health of a church is to look at the growth of its people,” and turns to Mark Dever for 15 ways to measure spiritual growth in our people.

Pastoral Internship
Brain Croft briefly explains how his church internship program works.

How to Preach David & Goliath With Balance
A helpful case study in preaching an Old Testament passage in a Christ-centered way. And here’s Part 2.

One People, One Salvation, One Purpose
Dennis Louis: “Why is it so important that we affirm that God has always had one people throughout redemptive history, had one plan of salvation, and that he had one purpose? Because when we read our Bibles with these overarching concepts in mind, we see the Bible for what it truly is: God’s complete and full story of redemption. We see a complete Gospel, not a fragmented one. We see that God’s dealings with his people are consistent and not capricious. We see that the entire Bible, not just bits and pieces, are for our instruction and learning.”

Don’t Give my Husband Romance Lessons, Thank You
Counter-cultural and funny!