How To Avoid a Cult of Personality
This applies at all levels, not just to the “big names.”

Do you have a sense of urgency?
John Kotter believes the “single biggest error people make when they try to change” is the failure to “create a high enough sense of urgency among enough people to set the stage for making a challenging leap into some new direction.”

Peeking Into the Womb
A Christian response to ultrasound technology.

Shepherding the Whole Flock
Brian Croft with practical advice for ensuring that pastors are shepherding the whole flock.

Church Planting in a Trailer Park
What a great idea! May God bless this pastor’s ministry.

Student Leadership University
Dan Darling introduces a ministry that equips students with the rules and tools of leadership and a biblical world-view that will allow them to live out God’s calling in an ever-changing society.