Depression and the Pastor’s Wife: Suffering in Silence
Transparent post from Cara Croft that will help many.

Short-term Family Resolutions
Steve McCoy explains how his family has made progress by developing smaller and shorter-term resolutions, especially in fasting from technology.

Simple Evangelism in the Church
How an atheist was won by Christians loving one another.

Taking Back Sunday
Daniel Montgomery tackles the subject of exhaustion and argues that most people are living a sub-human life. ON same topic, Jonathan Parnell gives us Three Reasons to Get Some Sleep.

Ecclesiastes and the New Testament
Paul Helm looks at how Ecclesiastes influenced the New Testament writers.

Calvin The Liturgist
How Calvinist is your church’s liturgy?

  • Hope

    The article regarding Depression is excellent and very encouraging to me. This piece speaks to everyone struggling with depression whether in ministry or not.