We Need To Come To A National Consensus on Airplane Seating
This article is so funny. But the problem is not. Especially if you are 6ft 3in without high heels on. I must confess I have resorted to the old push my-knees-deep-in-the-back routine at times, much to my wife’s embarrassment.

Babies Are Murdered Here
R.C. Sproul Jr. thinks we’ve been way too polite and careful in our anti-abortion rhetoric.

We Can’t All Be Beautiful
Karen Swallow Prior: “Part of the value of beauty is, in fact, its rarity. So it’s not surprising that only 4 percent of women across the globe describe themselves as “beautiful,” in a study commissioned by Dove. Yet 72 percent of the girls in the survey reported that they “feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful.”"

What Is Marriage?
Mike Witmer: “Last week I explained to my daughter that she was no longer allowed to watch the Disney television show, “Good Luck Charlie.” She understood that we love gay people and appreciate the many good things that they may contribute to society, but we don’t like how Disney is openly trying to force children to accept homosexual marriage as a normal, lifestyle choice.”

Sneering Calvinists
Derek Rishmawy, recently come to embrace the doctrines of grace, pleads: “If you’re really a Calvinist and believe you’ve received knowledge of the truth by the sheer grace of God, which is what a Reformed view of knowledge teaches, then be patient with those who don’t see it. God has been (and is currently being) patient with you in some area as well. So stop sneering and ask God to humble you enough to be helpful to those offended at or wrestling with those doctrines you now hold dear.

Why I’ll Never Be A Mommy Blogger
Me neither, but for a different reason.