John Piper Explains Why He Tries for Ethnic Unity
“Piper, a white man who grew up in the South, might not seem like the obvious choice to consult on race relations. But he has contributed his time, pen, wisdom, and life to the goal of racial harmony. ”

9 Lessons From Entrepreneurship from the Shark Tank
Although, given my calling, I’m unlikely ever to put any of these into practice, I still found these lessons fascinating especially when I look back at a couple of businesses I was involved in an earlier life.

The Cornerstone of Winston Churchill’s Time Management
Matt Perman: “It is fascinating that when you study the most effective individuals throughout history, you see the same theme coming back again and again in how each of them managed their time. The key was focus and concentration on a few very significant priorities, always keeping in mind what is centrally important at the moment (that is, what’s best next).”

Do You Feel Tension in the Christian Life?
Jason Helopoulos presents 17 seeming contradictions that help explain the Christian life.

In Defense of the Christian Private School Bubble
Andrea Palplant calls us to give parents grace in a complex educational landscape.

You Give Them Something to Eat
Tim Brister applies the feeding of the 5,000 to pastoral ministry: “Should we not, then, follow our Master to minister in word and deed to those around us, welcoming them with the same gracious hospitality He has afforded us? Should we not embrace the challenges and messy situations, knowing that His mercy is greater than their messes? Should we not reconnect with our Master to believe that His work done His way through His people will also come with His supply? If so, then let us give them something to eat. Let us show the world around the greatness of His grace, having tasted and seen that the Lord is good!