Who is the Ken Ham of the Biblical Counseling Movement?
My friend Heath Lambert tells me there are thousands of “Ken Hams” in the biblical counseling movement. Given the counseling expertise, I suppose I’d hoped for a less defensive-offensive (in the sporting sense) response, and more of a receptive-listening-learning-constructive stance. But I seem to have touched a sensitive spot here, and for my temerity I’ve been consigned to the outer darkness of being “outside the biblical counseling movement.” Hope no one tells my employer who’s hired me to teach our biblical counseling courses.

The Ten Commandments: Nothing New
Joseph Franks argues that the Ten Commandments were revealed and observed before Sinai and concludes: “Therefore, let us discern the difference between the permanent and the temporary laws of God, and let us strive to keep God’s universal and permanent commandments.”

Death to Healthy, Wealthy & Happy
Ed Welch: “I hate the prosperity gospel or any teaching that suggests good Christians will be healthy, wealthy and happy. As a counselor I see its wretched fruit. I hate it, and I am not alone. The number of haters is reaching a critical mass, maybe even a tipping point. But I can understand why this pernicious teaching endures. In many places, Scripture seems to teach it, so there will always be a contingent of prosperity folks among us.”

I Love a Church That Sings Badly
Oh, for more of them!

Pastor, Are You Speaking in Tongues During Your Sermon
What a day! Within a few hours I’m excommunicated by the biblical counseling movement and then find out that I’m a charismatic.

Why are we still on Facebook?
Good question. I must admit I’m so close to pulling the plug. Maybe this week.