The Story That Writes Itself
I can’t wait until we get past all these firsts, “First Gay NFL Player,” “First Gay Mechanic,” “First Gay Plumber,” “First Gay Cleaner,” etc., so that the media can get back to some news reporting. Maybe someone could organize a “First Gay…..” Conference and just get the whole thing done once and for all rather than this depressing daily drip, drip, drip.

Same Sex Marriages and Segregation
And if you’re often on the book foot trying to distinguish opposition to same-sex marriage from racism, Jesse Johnson has three arguments to help you.

Men and Miscarriage
Here’e an oft-neglected area for ministry. Here’s a short piece by Jason DeRouchie on the same subject.

They Do It Better Than We Do
I’ve often thought this, but could never say it as well as Tim Brister who looks at his son’s baseball team’s “discipleship” skills with holy envy.

Five Lies About Your Body
Written for women but also applicable to men. Jen Wilkin highlights five lies our culture tells us about how we should perceive our bodies—and five truths from Scripture to help shift our perspective.

Reboot Buggy
I’m not really a gearhead, but I thought this was a beautifully shot film (shot in Grand Rapids and at Lake Michigan) of an amazing piece of automotive engineering. You can read more about it here.