5 Sure-Fire Ways to Motivate Your Son to Use Pornography
He’s not saying that if your son uses pornography it’s all your fault.

These Precious Days
Tim Challies helps us think through one of life’s recurring dilemmas: “Three days spent in Indiana, is three days spent apart from my wife and my children. It is three days away from the people I love; I will never get those days back. I have been given perhaps 7,000 or 8,000 days with my children before they move out to begin life on their own, and in going away, I permanently traded away three of those precious days.”

12 Reasons for Using Sermon Illustrations
“Few things are more difficult for a preacher than finding the right illustration, using it in the right way, and telling it at the right time. However, few things will yield greater fruit.”

Three Reasons to Keep Reading the Old Testament
Aaron Armstrong beats my drum: “The Old Testament causes much consternation among North American evangelicals. Although historically, Christians have embraced the Old Testament as being absolutely essential to the Christian life—I believe the first person to do this was Jesus—somewhere along the way, we got scared of it.”

Following Up On Forgiveness
I’d throughly recommend Ken Sande’s Peacemaker on this subject but here’s a good blog post from Kevin DeYoung: “Many Christians, influenced by Lewis Smedes and a lot of pop psychology, have a therapeutic understanding of forgiveness. They think of forgiveness as a unilateral, internal effort to get our emotions under control. But if we start with a biblical notion of God’s forgiveness, we see that such a view falls short.”

Youth Rights: A Trojan Horse for the Left’s Sexual Agenda
And if you really want to know where this is heading try what’s happening in Scotland for size. “Plans to assign every child in Scotland a state guardian could lead to good parents being penalised, an academic has warned ahead of a final vote on the issue in Holyrood later this month.

Kentucky All State Choir Sings National Anthem in 18 Story Hotel
Every night during the yearly All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky, choir participants would come out of their rooms to sing the National Anthem. The 18-story Hyatt hotel gets filled with music from the lobby to the top floor.