Re-Introducing Psalm Singing
The Biblical and Theological grounds for Psalm-singing together with practical helps to start it.

If You Want to Be More Productive, Get More Sleep
This infographic compares the sleeping patterns of top athletes. Roger Federer sleeps 11-12 hours a day whereas Tiger Woods only 4-5 hours. Might partly explain why Tiger looks so miserable these days.

Reflections On My Trip To England
I found this quite amusing, especially the end section about the anti-celebrity pastor culture in England. But you ain’t seen nothing yet, until you go to Scotland. We’ll kneecap the best of them.

Test Predicts Teen Depression Risk
Still a lot of work to do but “a tool for predicting the risk of clinical depression in teenage boys has been developed by researchers. Looking for high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and reports of feeling miserable, lonely or unloved could find those at greatest risk.”

Judges, Hubris, and Same-Sex Marriage
This is a devastating article listing the number of times that individual judges have overturned the democratic will of the people.

From Janitor to Principal
Joseph “Gabe” Sonnier was a janitor at Port Barre Elementary for over 30 years. Encouraged to be something more, he studied during the day and worked at night to become a teacher in 2008. Now, he is the principal at the same school he used to clean.