Scargoyle Attacks the Family
Read on Saturday night to prepare for Sunday morning.

The “Well maybe…” of Redemptive History
A captivating piece by Jason Helopoulos that offers a unique summary of the Old Testament.

Professors, We Need You
Well, I would link to that wouldn’t I! But seriously, Patrick Schreiner has a good summery here of Nicholas Kristof’s NYT OP-Ed about the need for professors to start communicating better with the general public. I especially liked Tim Iglesias’s comment at the end about writing everything for three audiences. I’d like to propose a new rule for Christian publishing that every author who writes a book over 400 pages, must also write a cut down version of say 100 pages maximum.

7 Helpful and Overlooked Books on Preaching
I don’t know all of these but Carrick’s book changed my entire ministry.

Pastors and Mental Health
Very thankful to Thom Rainer for raising this and for offering pastors not just words but practical help.

No Roads? There’s A Drone for That
Andreas Raptopoulos, founder and CEO of Matternet, wants to use unmanned aerial drones to deliver supplies to areas without adequate road networks. By taking to the skies, he wants to “leap frog” past older modes of transportation towards the future.

  • Gordon Woods

    Professors, We Need You Bad link, nevertheless, why the assumption that professors communicating better with the general public is a good idea? These are the people (present company excepted, of course) whose ideas are at the root of the destruction of our culture. As to a book having different lengths for different audiences, if it can be said in a 100 pages, why 400 pages in the first place? In any case, that is not a job for the author. What is needed are Readers’ Digest editors to put out the condensed version. They did it with the Bible, so it shouldn’t be too much of a challenge with religious works.

    • David Murray

      Thanks Gordon. Fixed that.