Why Satan Hates Your Family
This explains a lot.

Comforting a Grieving Family
It’s amazing how such simple steps can be such a great blessing.

How the Gospel brings us all the way home
Ligonier are offering Derek Thomas’s epic series on Romans 8 as a free eBook.

Get Ready for the Most Super Ordinary Sunday Ever
Phew! It’s always a relief to find someone else who has “ordinary” Sundays in their church.

Free Comprehensive Gospel-Centered Pre-Marital Mentoring Program
Brad Hambrick wants to “provide everything you need to provide every engaged couple in your church with a mentor couple who can walk them through a comprehensive pre-marital program. We also want to see the experienced marriages in your church enriched as they invest in engaged couples who are just beginning their marital journey.”

8-Year-Old Pays It Forward in Honor of Fallen Father
The last photo in this film is absolutely heart-crushing.