Believers in a Culture Increasingly Hostile to Christianity
Randy Alcorn’s advice on how believers should deal with a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity?

7 Ways to Stop Making Bad Decisions
A Christian would add a few more but these are good starting points.

Some Advice on Studying Theology
Fred Saunders: “( 1) Pick a major doctrine to focus on; (2) Master a classic text.”

If I Could Do My Ministry Over Again
Review of a 40-year ministry – what he’d change and what he’d keep.

Young, Restless, and Reformed Homeboys on Lenten Fasting
“What if the best way to express trans-generational solidarity with the millions of believers who have walked before you is by eschewing Lent? That’s the argument I want to support below.”

Drones Record Dolphin Stampede and Whale Pods