Three Best Practices in Teaching for Professors
Than you so much, Jemar Tisby. Keep these tips coming. My students will love you for it.

Battered Pastors
Todd Pruitt: “A startling number of pastors leave theministry every month. The proof is in the research. The anxiety of caring for the church (to use Paul’s words) is simply too much for many pastors to bear. They leave not because they lost their love for Christ. They love Jesus and they love his church. But the battering they have received at the hands of a congregation or elders has left them too wounded to go on. It is for these men that my heart aches.”

7 Ways The Lord Uses Depression in the Life of a Minister
Mike Leake: “Painful as it is I’ve also seen how the Lord has used my times of darkness to further his glory. Here are seven ways that God uses depression in the pastor’s life.”

All The “One Another” Passages in the New Testament
Powerful message, especially in this format.

These Amazing Prosthetic Hands Were Built By High School Students
Ask a bunch of kids to design technology for disabled people their age and you get an entirely different kind of creative thinking, from a “Swiss Army Hand” to a functional baseball glove.

Raised: The Book
My family and I have been blessed watching this series of films based on Jonathan Dodson and Brad Watson’s book, Raised. Three of the four have been published and we’re eagerly awaiting the fourth.

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