8 Ways to Spot Emotionally Healthy Pastors and Staff
Especially #4, #5, and #6.

The Christian’s Pursuit of God-Given Joy
Mike Riccardi: It is our “bounden duty,” as Spurgeon said, to pursue our joy. How is that possible? How are we supposed to obey the command to rejoice in the Lord always if true Christian joy is a gift of God?

Single v Married Pastors
Steve DeWitt speaks of the benefits and drawbacks on both sides of the fence.

Nine Practical Pointers for Plodders
Jon Bloom describes my life: “Purpose to be a plodder. A plodder keeps moving. A plodder perseveres. A plodder presses on. A plodder knows the disappointment of unrealized ideals, feels the fear of failure and exposed deficiencies, and the ambiguity of too many demands, options, and tasks. But a plodder isn’t immobilized by them. He or she presses on in the faith that God will supply the needed strength (1 Peter 4:11), wisdom (James 1:5), and direction (Proverbs 3:6).”

False Dilemmas In Gospel Ministry
Jeffrey Waddington untangles some false dilemmas.

The 7 Commandments of Choosing a Church
If you’re reading this because you don’t like your church and you want to know how to shop for a better church and you thought, based on the title of this post, that you might get some good ideas for how to find a better church… prepare to be disappointed.  That’s not what this article is about.

Gary and Peggy
In 2001, Gary and Peggy Ifft lived in Bloomington, IL. They had normal jobs, a normal home, a normal life. Then God called them out of the normal and into His mission.