Focus and Food
How multitasking affects what we eat and how it tastes.

Trinity in Old and New Testaments
Fred Sanders with a neat summary of Vos’s teaching on the Trinity in the Old Testament.

The New Calvinism: A Triumph of the Old
Rick Phillips with the first of four posts on the New Calvinism. In this one he says, Old Calvinism should avoid excessive criticism but should generally rejoice in the New Calvinism.

The Gospel of Interracial Marriage
How unity in Christ should overcome our segregated pews and segregated dating lives.

Glorifying God in the Routines
Gloria Furman does what she does best – finds the Gospel in the everyday.

Mattress Saves Cyclist Struck by Vehicle
Unsecured mattress that fell off a truck sweeps a cyclist off his bike then provides a flying bed for him to land on!

Mattress on Moving Day Saves Toddler who fell from Third-Story
Remind me to take my mattress with me next time I go out.