7 Steps Down the Staircase of Dishonesty
Trevin Wax: “We all know that sin generally leads to lies and dishonesty, and lying begets more lying. We see it in our kids; we see it in ourselves. But just how does lying lead to more lying?”

John Wesley’s Failed Marriage
Nathan Busenitz: “John Wesley’s failed marriage stands as a sober warning to any would-be pastor or elder. For those tempted to confuse their God-given priorities, Wesley’s negative example in this area ought to be a powerful wake-up call.”

Jared Wilson on Writing and Pastoral Ministry
Jared discusses the role writing might have in the life of a pastor.

7 Time Management Strategies From Some Brilliant Teenage Prodigies
These busy scientists may only be 17, but their ability to manage their time efficiently has helped them win some major props. here’s how you too can rock at managing your time better. And here’s The Daily Routines of Geniuses from the Harvard Business Review (sign in for free access).

3 Bad Things that Good Leaders Say
Jon Acuff lists them as (1) I don’t know; (2) I did that; (3) I was wrong.

Why Are People Not Satisfied with Islam?
As Dane Ortlund says, this Islamic fundraising appeal is actually more encouraging to Christians than Mulsims!