8 Causes of Spiritual Depression
Jason Helopoulos: “Most of us go through real times of spiritual melancholy in the Christian life. They can be brief or entire seasons in which, as Gisbertus Voeitus said, a person “fails to feel his or her heart’s delight in God and divine things.”"

PCRT in Grand Rapids Tonight and Tomorrow
Rick Phillips, Jason Helopoulos, Phil Johnson and Greg Gilbert speak on The Beauty and Holiness of the Bride of Christ. Conference brochure here.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Preachers
The only point I’d disagree with is #6. I think two good sermons a week can be accomplished with practice.

5 Strategies for Ministering in a Cretan Context
Thabiti: “Job number one for ministering in a Cretan context is appointing qualified spiritual leadership.”

God Used me to Stop a School Shooter
Antoinette Tuff talked down an armed intruder. Just a few months before, she almost took her own life.

The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield
Steve Lawson says if he could be anyone in church history, he would be George Whitefield.