Here are Brad Lukanic’s 5 Bold Predictions For The Future of Higher Education:

1. Academic curricula will become more multi-disciplinary.

2. Education leaders will need to balance MOOCS and traditional learning.

3. Student recruitment and retention will be more important than ever.

4. Higher education needs to invest in technology

5. Higher education will explore new funding models.

The first two predictions are the most critical for Seminaries. Re #1, there must be far greater collaboration and integration of departments in order to produce well-rounded pastors. Students often complain of overlap in Seminary courses. Personally, I think the problem is unplanned and accidental overlap and the answer is much more planned, intentional, holistic overlap within departments and between departments.

The second prediction touches on the most world-shifting revolution for teachers. Gone are the days of a single curriculum and single assessment method. Also gone are the days of trying to fit on-campus courses into a MOOC or Distance Learning mold (and vice versa). Teachers are going to have to produce multiple curricula and assessment methods for each course and provide differeent students (both on and off campus) with a range of choices as to how they will learn the material, when they will learn the material, and how they will demonstrate mastery of it.

We might prefer the simpler (and easier) world. But it’s gone. And so will we, unless we adapt and change. “Edulution” anyone?