4 Ways Pride Can Destroy A Team
L. J. Rittenhouse can predict the future performance of a company based on the frequency of “I” in the shareholder letters. An “I” leader is a leader who is going to lead the organization downward over time.

Three Things To Consider About Multi-Culturalism
A diversity of cultures within the local church is a gift because it reflects the family of God.

Top 10 Causes of Depression In Pastors
Marc Rutland: “That is the big ten as I have observed them, not in some distant, statistical study, but up close and personal. I know I am not unique or even rare in this experience. I have occasionally struggled with depression, more circumstantial than clinical though not altogether, throughout my forty-six years of ministry.”

Six Ways You Can Help Families Facing Autism
It doesn’t take being around a family with an autistic child very long to make your heart ache to know something,anything you can do to help. The good news is, there are six practical things you can do.

“Mom, You Are The Real MVP”
This is well worth watching the whole way through. But if you’ve only got a few minutes, watch the first 30 secs and then go to 4.58.