Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Student Debt Has Got to Go
Find out which job pays $150,000 a year without a college degree.

Success Depends on What You Do In College, Not Where You Go
Includes three things professors should do to ensure students thrive in and after college.

Re-Discovering The Jewel Of Unity In Diversity
Gloria Furman: “Being a minority in a global city has been teaching me a lot about my own ethnocentricity. One time I was standing in a train station talking with a new acquaintance when she answered her phone and said to the person on the other line, “I am talking with a foreigner.” And here I was thinking that I was talking to a foreigner.” And here’s an interview about racial idolatry.

R-Rated Texts in An R-Rated World
Some good advice in here about when/how to preach on some of the “darker” biblical texts.

10 Awesome Free Books Online
Baptist 21 have compiled a list of 10 great ebooks that are free online for download.

How To Lead A Good Prayer Meeting
Kevin DeYoung with 10 lessons he’s learned since starting a monthly prayer meeting in his church.

Desi’s Service Dog Dons Cap And Gown For Graduation
Click through for neat video.