Over the last couple of days I’ve been blogging about sleep:

You can find a third installment on the subject over at The Christward Collective where I briefly discuss 10 Lessons God Teaches Us From Sleep. The bullet points are:

  1. God reminds us we are merely creatures
  2. God gifts us with sleep
  3. God reminds us we are unnecessary
  4. God calls us To Trust Him
  5. God will chastise us if we refuse sleep
  6. God reminds us of death
  7. God reminds us of hell
  8. God teaches us about the Savior
  9. God teaches us about salvation
  10. God teaches us about heaven

Read the rest here.

  • Andre

    Greetings, The link for Read the rest here at the bottom of the page is not working?? I was convicted and also very blessed by the sermon on this topic. Thank you!

    • David Murray

      Thanks. Fixed.