New Church Growth Strategy: Intentional Ethnic Diversity
Some traditionally white churches and denominations are staving off attendance decline through diversification strategies.

Was Christ’s Death Divine Child Abuse?
You know the answer, but can you explain why not?

5 Things I’m Still Sure About God’s Law
R.C. Jr. with five positive things about the law that he is still positive about.

Kevin Durant’s Father
Almost one in four American children lives in a household without their biological dads. For brown kids, that number stands at about 28 percent. For black kids, it’s a little better than half.

Churches, Cage Matches, And The Schlepp
“One day while lecturing on Gregory the Great’s treatise On Pastoral Care, Professor Davis suddenly stopped, put down his chalk, looked over the class for a few moments and said, “You do realize most of you will labor in small churches and at the end of your ministry you may be hard pressed to think of more than a dozen people you have directly influenced.” He then picked up the chalk and returned to the lecture. Like the rest of the class I was nonplussed. Looking back now I see what was going on”

Should I Be Content With My Singleness?
nd a couple of other family-related posts from TGC. The Child of The Future, and Russell Moore on How Pastors Should Address Divorce And Remarriage.

Thunderstorm Supercell Timelapse in Wyoming
Best fullscreen with the music muted. Watch for your jaw dropping about 55 secs.