5 Ways People Hurt Their Credibility Without Even Realizing It
I’m always fascinated with the science behind body language. Preachers, note this: “Every conversation is two conversations — message and body language. When they’re not aligned, body language always trumps content.”

Girding Up The Christian Mind
Michael Morales: “With the church’s mounting capitulation to secular culture, God’s people have increasingly been marked by the antipathy to learning so characteristic of that culture.”

Reflections On My Break-Up With The Gospel Coalition
Now THAT’S sanctification!

Pastoral Advice on Affirming The Doctrine Of Justification By Faith Alone
A summary of the pastoral advice the URC Synod gave to churches about confronting the errors in what is commonly called “the Federal Vision.”

A Dialogue On Our Design
This is a really good start at presenting the biblical teaching on male/female roles and relationships in attractive terms. We’ve had lots of polemics on this topic but we need much more of this aesthetic approach to arguing.

Author Debunks Divorce Rate Statistics
According to 2009 Census Bureau numbers, 72% of people are still married to their first spouse – and the 28% who aren’t, includes people who were married for years until a spouse died! That’s not what you hear in most popular statistics. Read this post to discover why accurate statistics are so important for maintaining hope in difficult times.

Reconsider South Africa
Watch to the end and you’ll discover much more than a travel commercial.