BBC Journalist Admits Media Has Religion Blind Spot
BBC journalist Edward Stourton has said Britain’s lack of appreciation for the importance of religion across the world damages its news coverage.

It’s Not Enough To Win The Head, We Must Also Win The Heart
Stephen Altrogge: “if we’re going to win people to Jesus, we need to aim for both the head and the heart. We need to change people ideas and their desires.”

A Graduation Gift That is Better Than A Book
Kim Shay: “A great gift for students going away from home is a TLC Away From Home Kit. After being the mother of university students for lo these seven years, my suggestion is to find a solid, plastic container with a lid and put in the following…”

Top 10 Books For Graduates
But if you are looking for some book ideas…

Do You Want a Beautiful Woman?
Lore Ferguson is one of the most independent thinkers and one of the freshest voices on the Christian web today.

To All The Parents of Problem Kids
Now this little post is going to encourage a lot of parents.

Father’s Day Surprise
“Sometimes the best part of being a Dad is just being able to be a Dad.”