6 Steps To Wise Decision Making About Psychotropic Medications
Brad Hambrick continues to help us think in a balanced way about mental health issues.

Former Bergdahl Pastor Calls For Mercy For Prodigal Son
When the media is in full cry in one direction, it’s always good to find and think about an opposing viewpoint.

Iain Murray On Together for The Gospel
I share Iain’s optimistic take on this.

What Our Boys Need In This Economy Their Dads Work In
There are some priceless lines in this piece by Ann Voskamp. How about these for starters:

  • You’ve arrived at wealth when you’re happy with a life that has a wealth of things that money can’t buy.
  • Don’t ever confuse these two things: how you make a living and how you make a life.
  • No one is really good at their work —  if their work is all they are.
  • Get a life — by giving away the one you have.

9 Fascinating Facts About People Who Attend Megachurches (HT: Ed Stetzer)
And some of these facts are simply fascinating. Main attractor to megachurches? See #5, the worship style. But there’s some good news in there too.

When Love Becomes An Instinct