Happy App 3Over the last few months I’ve been developing an App to accompany my book, The Happy Christian. Initially I got some quotes from specialist developers, but even the cheapest quote was running into many thousands and would have required me to charge a fee for the App in order to recoup costs.

After quite a bit of research and experimentation, I settled on Como.com, which is a sort of “DIY Apps For Dummies” service. Although the end result is quite basic, and there’s still a monthly cost for me, it’s low enough to let me offer The Happy App for free.

I hope you’ll take a look at it and consider downloading it to your phone or Tablet at either the Apple or Google store. Here’s what you’ll get on the three main tabs.

Happy App 1

The Happy Christian
On the first tab you’ll find the daily posts on Christian joy over at the Happy Christian blog. These are mainly meditations on Christian joy, together with quotes on happiness and links to other relevant articles. The aim is to provide a daily diet of Christian joy as an antidote to our gloomy world.

The second tab pulls in the daily blog posts from HeadHeartHand, which means you can read my usual blog articles there without using your browser.

Happy App 2Video
On this tab you’ll find a Philippians 4:8 mix of videos. That’s an important verse in the book, and this is one of the ways I want to help readers build healthy and edifying media into their lives. This content is unique to the App and not available at either the HeadHeartHand or Happy Christian blog.

On the phone version of the tab you can choose videos from a YouTube stream or a Vimeo stream. For some reason, only the YouTube stream is showing on the iPad at the moment, but I hope we’ll get that fixed before long.

App Stores
You’ll notice on the Happy Christian website that there are only links to the Apple App store. That’s because Apple don’t allow Google Play Store links to appear on any of their Apps! However, it is available for Android in the Google App Store.

Hope it makes you happy!