Lessons Learned from Aortic Replacement Surgery | Eric Davis, The Cripplegate
Health scares like these do indeed prove to be “spiritually enriching and sanctifying,” as Eric says.

God, You’ve Got the Wrong Guy | Tim Challies
Moses felt that way, too.

7 Ways To Be A Best Friend To A Pastor | Ron Edmondson
“If ‘best’ is too strong a word, pick your own word. Good. Close. Trusted. Every pastor needs a friend, besides a spouse — of the same gender — who knows them well and can encourage and challenge like no one else can.”

13 Things a Pastor Should Never Say to a Congregation | Joe McKeever, The Aquila Report

The Subordinate Place of Supreme Honor: A Response to Douglas Wilson | Valerie Hobbs and Rachel Miller, Jesus Creed
Unpacking Biblical gender roles in response to Douglas Wilson.

University of Tennessee Tells Staff And Students To Stop Using ‘He’ and ‘She’ – and Switch to ‘Xe’, ‘Zir’ and ‘Xyr’ Instead | Kieran Corcoran, The Aquila Report
Seriously? While not compulsory, yes, seriously…

Kentucky Clerk Didn’t Follow Christianity Before Converting To It | Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
“Regardless of the media’s strong views in favor of redefining marriage to include same-sex couples, it would be nice if they took the time to at least understand this central teaching of the Christian faith before attempting to report on it.”

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