What if you’re not as awesome as you think you are? | Denny Burk
“We are by nature prone to excuse our own shortcomings, to overlook them, or even to justify them. The result is that we walk around with a self-regard that often exceeds reality.”

35 Totally Random Life Hacks |
Funny, intriguing, inspiring, convicting.

The Importance of the Little Things by Nicholas Batzig | Ligonier Ministries Blog
“It’s the little things that members of a church or church plant do that help the ministry thrive and without which the growth of the local church would be greatly hindered.”

How I Optimize My iPhone for Maximum Productivity – Michael Hyatt
“Today I use my iPhone to keep track of most of the moving parts of my complicated personal and professional life. And I’ve optimized my home screen to put everything I need within one or two clicks. Here’s a list of the apps I currently have on my home screen:”

Limitless Grace for Limited Leaders | For The Church
“So why am I nervous to admit that I can’t do everything that needs to be done? I think it’s simple. I am afraid to to confess that I have limits. I’m afraid to admit that I have God-allotted periods and boundaries of my dwelling place (Acts 17:26). And I’m afraid that will render me unimportant.”

Hobbies to the Glory of God | Tim Challies
Tim takes away false guilt about having hobbies

“I believe God is pleased when we pursue hobbies. I also believe that we can confidently pursue them and do them for the glory of God even if there is no obviously redeeming value in them. “

These Are The Highest Paying Jobs In The U.S. For 2016 | Fast Company
But money’s not enough for satisfaction:

There’s no doubt that pay is among the leading factors most job seekers weigh when determining where to work, Chamberlain, says. However, our research shows that a big paycheck isn’t necessarily tied to long-term satisfaction in your job….When we dig deeper into what keeps employees satisfied once they’re in a job and with a company, we find that culture and values, career opportunities, and trust in senior leadership are the biggest drivers of employee satisfaction.”

Kindle Books

Paul Meets Muhammad: A Christian-Muslim Debate on the Resurrection by Michael Licona $1.99.

The End of Christianity by William Dembski $2.99.

And an intriguing book from Buzz Aldrin.

Mission to Mars: My Vision for Space Exploration by Buzz Aldrin $2.99.


E.Y. Mullins Lectures | Southern Seminary
Videos of Mark Dever’s lectures on preaching at Southern Seminary. The first one below and here are the others.