It’s been a joy to get to know Dan and Cassandra Naulty over the past year as they have settled in Grand Rapids and joined the congregation I pastor. As I’d love for my blog readers to get to know Dan too through his new blog, I asked him to introduce himself and his blog. If you click through to his media library you can view videos about his time as a pitcher for the New York Yankees, his drug use, and his salvation by God’s almighty grace. You can also follow Dan on Twitter @dannaulty.

In 1997 during my second year in Major League Baseball with the Minnesota Twins, God saved me from my sin and misery. After winning the World Series with the 1999 Yankees, I went on to complete my undergraduate degree in biblical studies (Moody Bible Institute), an MA in biblical studies (Trinity), and a post-grad degree in practical theology (Oxford University). You can watch my whole story here:

I’m an aspiring writer on various theological topics–many of which I will share on my blog. I’m currently working on a book titled: Hope, A Memoir. It’s the story of my hopeless life being given hope in Jesus Christ.

I’m an ordained minister that pastored in a couple different churches in Southern California. Today, I help my wife raise our boys, write, preach, and speak.