In Praise of Administration | Jared Olivetti, Gentle Reformation
“…good structure and organization is a way to help each church member feel loved and valued. ”

4 Reasons It’s Easier Than Ever to Be an Author | Michael Hyatt
“As an aspiring author, you no longer have to wait on someone else to pick you. ( Reread that sentence again. Let it settle into your heart.)”

Openness Unhindered | Blair Smith, Reformation21
A detailed review of Rosaria Butterfield’s new book, Openness Unhindered.

A Marathon Mentality for Ministry | Nick Batzig, The Christward Collective
“Many years ago, a friend and mentor, told me, ‘Ministry is not a sprint; it’s a marathon.’ How right he was! I’ve now been in ministry for almost a decade and have seen many walk off the track after sprinting for a while.”

20 Leadership Tips in Tweet Length | Ron Edmondson
“A friend emailed me and asked for my “top 20 leadership tips”. They were doing a presentation on leadership and were asked to share 20 aspects of great leadership. The added catch – they wanted something short they could expand upon, so they suggested I share them in ‘Twitter length.’”

A Theology of Creation in 12 Points | D. A. Carson, Desiring God
“Today when Christians talk about the doctrine of creation, a lot of the discussion immediately turns to when creation took place, how it relates to claims of evolutionists, old earth, young earth, and things of that order. And certainly such questions are important, but it is not the place where the Bible itself lays the primary emphasis. Let me explain what I mean by that.”

7 Questions to Ask Before You Argue. |
Good food for thought in a contentious political season.

What Is A Biblical Response To Stress? | Elizabeth Moyer, Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
“Apparently, I’m not alone. According to these statistics, over 70 percent of Americans regularly experience physical or psychological symptoms caused by stress. Forty-eight percent say stress negatively affects their professional and personal lives. The top physical symptom reported was fatigue, and the top psychological symptom was irritability or anger. The number one cause of stress in the US? Work. So, the vast majority of us are stressed out, tired, irritable, and overworked.”

New Book

Counseling One Another by Paul Tautges

Kindle Deals

Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson ($2.99)

World Religions and Cults: Counterfeits of Christianity ($2.99) by Bodie Hodge and Roger Patterson

The Nuremberg Trial by Ann Tusa and John Tusa ($1.99)

Devil at My Heels: Autobiography of Louis Zamperini by Louis Zamperini with David Rensin ($1.99)


Dr. Russell Moore at RTS: “Pro-Life Ministry in the Local Church” and “Adoption Ministry in the Local Church”