The Sweetness of a Man’s Friend | Allan Murray, Right With God
“Friends have become a very important part of modern life: but not in the way that previous generations had friends.”

Should Kids be Allowed in a Major League Clubhouse? |
My friend Dan Naulty writes about Adam LaRoche’s testimony to Christian fathers.”

A Gentle Political Recalibration for Christians | Erik Raymond, TGC
Eric wants us all the Trumpers and Cruzers to calm down a bit:

You might think my expectations are too low. Perhaps they are. But perhaps your expectations are too high and your foundation a bit more American than biblical. It is easy to get stirred up from the news stations but it is hard to pray and be content in God. Faithfully pray for your leaders, pursue peace, advance the gospel, and rejoice in God’s kindness to you–even through unbelieving men and women.

Three Resources Leaders Must Steward Wisely | Eric Geiger
“Leaders have time, energy, and money at their disposal, but they only have a finite amount of each. Therefore, leaders must steward these three resources wisely.”

Season 7, Episode 6: Achieve More By Sleeping More [Podcast] | Michael Hyatt
In this episode, Michael Hyatt and Michele Cushatt discuss eight tips for reclaiming the rest that we so desperately need. You can read a transcript here.

The Call of God | Barry York, Gentle Reformation
Several young men have approached me as of late who are wrestling with the call of God on their lives regarding ministry…As I interacted with them personally about these questions and others, memories were stirred of my own struggles many years ago with this same matter.

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Preaching with Spiritual Power: Calvin’s Understanding of Word and Spirit in Preaching by Ralph Cunnington

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Praying the Bible by Donald S. Whitney ($4.99)

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer ($1.99). A New York Times bestseller.


8-year-old ballerina doesn’t let prosthetic leg hold her back
I’m not posting this for the dancing but for the insightful comments about identity which backs up what I wrote yesterday in This is how I see myself. If you’re being tempted to let your trials and troubles define you, remember these challenging words from Alissa Sizemore:

My family encouraged me to be myself, and that I was still me, with or without my leg.

This has changed my life, but it hasn’t changed me.