Hope for a Hopeless Marriage
“I don’t know what your marriage looks like. Ours looked hopeless, but it wasn’t. We were so far away from Christ that divorce seemed inevitable, but it wasn’t. We are living proof that there is hope and that God can take wreckage and build something lasting and beautiful through Christ.”

6 Great Threats to the Christian Family
“Some of the deadliest enemies of the Christian family come from within rather than from without.”

5 Ways To Protect Your Kids At Church
“There are some things your church can do to protect the kids in your care. ”

8 Great Women Of Science History
“As a public service, enjoy this selection of eight women presented in historical order as pioneers in STEM to inspire a new generation towards interest in these fields.”

Mike Rowe: ‘Free’ College A Myth That Smears Trade Schools
“The real problem with higher education is our culture’s obsession with labeling four-year college as the only respectable way to enter adult society, and the reason Democratic candidates are so keen on college is because it seems to benefit them.”

Europe at the Edge of the Abyss
Lengthy but excellent article on how America can avoid Europe’s fate.

Kindle Books

Harper Collins Atlas of Bible History $1.99.

Gospel-Centered Teaching: Showing Christ in all of Scripture by Trevin Wax $2.99.

A Model of Christian Maturity by Don Carson $1.99.

Preaching to a Post-Everything World by Zach Eswine $2.99.


At Home in the Hebrides
Here’s where I used to live and pastor. Tears.