Four Warnings for Your Twenties | Marshall Segal, Desiring God
“The same temptations that were murdering the believers under Moses are waging a spiritual war against believers today: entertainment, sexual immorality, impatience, and contentment.”

Why Mark Dever Thinks You Should Use Alec Motyer’s New “Psalms of the Day: A New Devotional Translation” | TGC
Mark Dever’s foreword to Alec Motyer’s new devotional on the Psalms.

My Son’s Autism Changed Everything—Even Our Church | Sandra Peoples,
“I came to see special needs families as an unreached people group.”

Seeing Christ In All of Scripture | Lane Keister
“This short book clarifies the doctrinal issues surrounding the recent debates at Westminster [Seminary]like no other resource of which I am aware. Get a copy of it.”

Six Biblical Methods For Handling Stress | Elizabeth Moyer, Institute for Faith, Work and Econmics
“Stress takes an undeniable toll on our whole self. Most of all, stress derails our relationship with God, distracting us from his provision, providence, and goodness. These biblical methods are not novel or groundbreaking. Instead, they are steadfast tools that help us re-center our hearts on the Lord.”

The Unappreciated Blessing Of Busyness | David Qaoud, Gospel Relevance
“Is busyness always a bad thing?”

The enormous power of the unconscious brain | Chris Baraniuk, BBC
“A lot of the things we do in everyday life don’t need to involve our conscious mind. In many cases, the more we use it, the less effective we become.”

New Book

One Man and One Woman: Marriage and Same-Sex Relations by Joel R. Beeke and Paul M. Smalley

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Demolishing Supposed Bible Contradictions Volume 1 by Ken Ham ($2.99)

Beginning at Moses: A Guide to Finding Christ in the Old Testament by Michael P. V. Barrett ($0.99)

God’s Unfailing Purpose: The Message of Daniel by Michael P. V. Barrett ($0.99)


Prudential Relationship Reconnect in Singapore
If you want proof of how much we need face-to-face contact for healthy relationships, watch this moving video of a social experiment which examined whether simply looking at someone for four quiet, uninterrupted minutes could create a sense of closeness and empathy.