25 Incredibly Useful Free Sites And Services | Fast Company
“Save time, protect your privacy, stash some cash, and more with these no-cost wonders.”

5 Little Things You Can Do to Be More Productive | Time Management Ninja
“It’s not always the big things that impact your productivity. In fact, when it comes to time management, it is often the little things you do.”

Theology Conferences Part I of II: A Brief How-To Guide | Adam Johnson, The Scriptorium Daily
“If you are interested in an academic career, welcome to the world of conferences. For all their weaknesses, these are one of the main heartbeats of the academy. Over two posts, I will do my best to pass along what I have learned, thus speeding up the learning curve.”

Why Write New Books When There are Good Old Ones? | Ryan McGraw, Meet the Puritans
“So, should the church keep writing books today? Manton would say ‘yes.’ Why? Because we need to use every means possible to combat the darkness of sin, because we will continue to gain fresh discoveries of God’s glory in Christ, because believers need to be godlier, and because truth needs defending.”

4 Questions for Women Considering Seminary | Mary Willson, TGC
Not an argument for females in office but for well-trained women in other important roles within a congregation.

Five Reasons Leaders Must Encourage | Eric Geiger
“If you read any leadership book, you are likely to be encouraged to encourage the people you lead. If you have served with an encouraging leader, you know the impact the encouragement makes on the morale of the team, the focus of the people, and the commitment to one other. Here are five reasons leaders must encourage.”

Job’s Miserable Counselors: How Not to Counsel | Bob Kelleman, RPM
“I often learn best from how not to do something. So, we can learn how not to be a compassionate biblical counselor from the bad example of Job’s ‘miserable comforters’ (Job 16:2) ‘Miserable’ means troublesome, vexing, and sorrow-causing. They were the opposite of ‘comforters’– a word that means consoling, sympathetic, feeling deeply the hurt of others.”

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Church Revitalization from the Inside Out by Robert D. Stuart

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