Keith Getty’s Work-Life Balance | Warren Cole Smith, The Aquila Report
Here’s an instructive insight into the Gettys attempts to preserve their marriage:

“Kristyn and I, we’ve actually never had a night apart. We’ve been married 11 1/2 years. Never had a night apart, but we can do that because we work together. … Rooms, cars, and elevators, you can’t be alone with a man or woman in the room. They have to reorganize all the cab schedules and all those kinds of things, drive schedules. It becomes a nightmare for the operational people, but it’s just a rule. The organizations who host us have to respect that.”

Say Hard Things | Marshall Segal, Desiring God
“When was the last time someone told you you were wrong? If you can’t remember, you may have reason to be concerned.”

When You Don’t Love Your Job | Bethany Jenkins, TGC
Hating your job? Read this:

“Right now, I don’t love my work, and I don’t know why. It could be that I need ‘a Sabbath Year’ rest from working for 17 straight years at intense jobs or from trying to balance two jobs and time- consuming side projects for the last seven years. Or it could be that I need to change the work I’m doing. To process these questions, I’m looking at my work through three different lenses-heart, community, and world.”

Defusing Preacher Landmines | Peter Mead, Biblical Preaching
“Being aware of the dangers is a very significant first step.  But what else can we do once we identify the dangers in our path?  Here are seven quick suggestions to help clear the way in our ministry…”

7 practical things that make my preaching ineffective | Adrian Reynolds, The Proclamation Trust
“I spent a little time reflecting on 7 practical things that make me ineffective as a preacher. I realise that this kind of post rather lays my own heart bare. Nevertheless, it’s worth posting because we need to be honest about what holds us back. ”

Unity in Multi-Categorical Diversity in the Church | Nick Batzig, Reformation21 Blog
“As I survey the landscape of the church in our day, I see four categories–in addition to ethnicity and spiritual giftedness–where there is a need for greater unity among the diversity of members in the church…”

The One Area of Diversity That Doesn’t Count | Michael J. Kruger, Canon Fodder
“In the modern liberal push for diversity there is one enormous category missing: intellectual/religious/ideological diversity.”

Duty of Parents to Children – John Bunyan | Prince on Preaching
“Below is some excellent Christian advice from Bunyan about parenting. I have added the headings and changed some paragraph divisions but the rest is Bunyan’s writing.”

Four Things Christian Leaders Can Learn from Ted Cruz’s Interpersonal Failures | Ed Stetzer, The Exchange
“Let’s learn from Cruz’s relational challenges and avoid our own. I promise you, this is a needed lesson in many Christian leadership contexts.”

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