Statement on Racial Reconciliation by Session of First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, Miss. | David Strain, The Aquila Report
“Session of First PCA in Jackson repudiates actions recorded in its minutes from the 50s and 60s that excluded African Americans from worship in its sanctuary.”

Why I Am Not Atheist | Tim Challies
“I am not an atheist on the basis of evidence I have observed and conclusions I have made.”

How to Criticize a Fellow Christian or an Unbeliever in Controversy | Justin Taylor, TGC
“The best piece on know on how to maintain a godly disposition in theological controversy comes from a letter that John Newton wrote a pastor who was preparing to criticize a fellow minister.”

Canon Fodder Has a New Look! | Michael J. Kruger, Canon Fodder
This is a blog well worth checking out regularly.

Faithful and fruitless? | Jeremy Walker, The Wanderer
“How would you encourage a faithful brother who had been pastoring for several years and has not, in that season, seen a conversion directly from his preaching, though the church is growing and health with saints being built up and believers joining the church?”"

Walker Percy’s 1981 Letter to the New York Times on the Con and Doublespeak of the Abortion Discussion | TGC
“There is a wonderful irony here. It is this: The onset of individual life is not a dogma of the church but a fact of science. How much more convenient if we lived in the 13th century, when no one knew anything about microbiology and arguments about the onset of life were legitimate. Compared to a modern textbook of embryology, Thomas Aquinas sounds like an American Civil Liberties Union member. Nowadays it is not some misguided ecclesiastics who are trying to suppress an embarrassing scientific fact. It is the secular juridical-journalistic establishment.”

New Book

The Knight’s Map by R.C. Sproul

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Drone Fishing for Tuna
Now this is appealing:

The squid bait was loosely dangled from the drone, which whizzed out to sea, its camera easily finding the fish in the seawater as its operators watched on an iPad. Before long, they guide the drone to plant its bait in front of the fish, and wham—a successful take. The drone then even filmed the entire catch.