5 Times to Say No to Yourself to Stay Productive | Time Management Ninja
Here are 5 times that you need to say no in order to get more done.

ARP Synod Approves Report On Race Relations | The Aquila Report
“We, the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, do confess the sinful failings of our church in the past in regard to slavery and racism. We reaffirm that all people are made in the image of God. We also reaffirm our historic stance that the Gospel should be offered freely to all sinners regardless of race or ethnicity through the preaching and teaching of God’s holy, inerrant, and infallible Word.”

Who Pastors the Pastor? | Brent Prentice, For The Church
Here are five ways pastors and churches can work together to care for the pastor.

What Book Shall I Preach On Next? | Adrian Reynolds, The Proclamation Trust
10 questions to ask when choosing a book for consecutive expository preaching.

The Christ-Shaped Pastor | Mark Johnston, Place for Truth
“There is no shortage of handbooks on what it means to be an effective pastor; but none can begin to compare with actually meeting someone who is just that. To have such a man as your pastor, or to cultivate a friendship with someone who embodies the qualities needed for the task, is guaranteed to leave an imprint on your life in the best possible way. The reason being that what shapes a man for this kind of service is nothing less than the imprint of Christ – the true Pastor – upon his life.”

You Won’t Believe How Chick-Fil-A Responded To The Orlando Attack | Bre Payton, The Federalist
In the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack, the worst strike on U.S. soil since 9/11, employees at Chick-Fil-A restaurants in the Orlando area performed a beautiful act of kindness.

Orlando: The Reichstag Fire | Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Rod Dreher prophesies that Orlando will be turned against Christians:

Orlando is a genuine and appalling atrocity that will lead to the demonization, in law and in custom, of orthodox Christians and any who disagree with whatever LGBTs and their allies want.

For further proof read Scapegoating Of Christians Begins | Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

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