An Interview with Pete Wilson | Ron Edmondson
Fascinating interview with Pete Wilson who recently resigned from his megachurch due to burnout.

My Top 6 Mistakes As a Young Pastor | Mark Dance, Lifeway
“These are not the only mistakes I made in my first ten years of pastoring, but they are the ones I regret the most. ”

How do I keep growing theologically after seminary? | Scott Slayton, Southern Blog
Five practical ways to keep growing theologically after graduating from seminary.

I’m An English Major Who Just Got Fired As A Barista. Here’s Where I Went Wrong | David Breitenbeck, The Federalist
“I went to college and learned to think, from which I’ve concluded I shouldn’t have gone to college. Don’t find yourself in the same situation after graduation.”

Emotions: Why do we demean them so? | Phil Monroe, Musings of a Christian Psychologist
Phil Monroe calls for more “Emotional Theology.”

4 Reasons Spurgeon Died Poor | Chrstian George, The Spurgeon Center
Charles Spurgeon could have been one of the richest millionaires in London. Instead, he died poor.

4 Cultural Trends Leading to the Decline of Religious Liberty | Trevin Wax, TGC
“…we are seeing more and more legal battles against religious people whose convictions are not in line with the ideology of the Sexual Revolution. What’s going on? What are the cultural trends leading to diminished religious liberty?”

About those Unthinking, Backwards Catholics | Charles J. Chaput, First Things
Although this is about the Clinton campaign to discredit the Roman Catholic church, the implications of it should concerns all evangelicals too. Another article on the anti-Catholic agenda at the top of the Clinton campaign: Democratic Conspiracy Against Catholic Church by Rod Dreher

New Books

For your non-Kindle book buying needs please consider using Reformation Heritage Books in the USA and Reformed Book Services in Canada. Good value prices and shipping.

The Revolt: A Novel in Wycliffe’s England by Douglas Bond

War in the Wasteland by Douglas Bond

Kindle Deals

How to Make Powerful Speeches: A Step-by-Step Guide to Inspiring and Memorable Speeches by Eamonn O’Brien ($0.99). Not really for preachers, more for those just starting out on public speaking in the workplace, school, etc.

Contending with Christianity’s Critics: Anwering New Atheists and Other Objectors by William Lane Craig and Paul Copan ($0.99)

Martin Luther: A Guided Tour of His Life and Thought by Stephen J. Nichols ($1.99)


“A New and Mischievous Superstition: Early Christianity in the Roman World” | Lecture by Larry Hurtado, Lanier Theological Library