How to Pray When Someone You Love Is Stuck In Sin | Erin Davis, True Woman Blog
“When the people closest to us sin, it hurts. Sin is destructive. When we are standing close by, we often get hit with shrapnel. If you’re in the line of fire, I deeply admire your willingness to pray instead of simply assuming the position of duck and cover. But I also don’t blame you for wondering, How am I supposed to pray about this?”

How to Cure Pastor Burnout | Ryan Nelson, LogosTalk
“I can’t snap my fingers and give you a sabbatical, but if you or a pastor you know is on the brink of burnout, here are some things you can do to make regular rest a reality:”

The Key to a Flourishing Mind | Dr. Stephen R. Graves
“Five centuries ago, Francis Bacon said, “Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom.” My advice is to get some “sleep.” A flourishing mind awaits. It must be cultivated. You’ll have to make some adjustments, like stretching a muscle you haven’t stretched in a long time. But it’s there.”

The gift of being limited | Christine Hoover, Flourish Blog, NAMB
“Why is it that when my body is exhausted, my mind goes into overdrive? As I lay in bed, staring into space, taking a moment in my room to get my act together, my thoughts began berating me for being tired. I felt bad for needing to rest. I felt bad for not having the mental capacity to immediately mov e on to the “next thing” on my agenda.”

Living Like Christians After the Election | Erik Raymond, TGC
“Now in light of God’s sovereignty, let’s think together about four biblical words that should depict our lives as followers of Jesus.”

Sermon prep for the non-vocational preacher | Aaron Armstrong, Blogging Theologically
“Sermon prep methodology fascinates me. I love learning how pastors manage their time to prioritize prayer, study, writing, and practice. Through the years, my own habits have changed pretty drastically.”

12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting Something Online | Mark Dever, TGC
“Perhaps you could write down these questions and ask a friend to look over your social media feeds with them in mind. Or, even ask someone you know disagrees with you on an issue you’ve posted about and see what they say. ”

Learning from the Judges | R.C. Sproul, Ligonier
“Judgment begins at the house of God (1 Peter 4:17), but it is a judgment that is disciplinary, not destructive. It’s designed to move us to repentance and faithfulness. And the era of the judges shows us that the Lord will not fail to rescue and preserve His church when His church repents and cries out to Him.”

New Book

For your non-Kindle book buying needs please consider using Reformation Heritage Books in the USA and Reformed Book Services in Canada. Good value prices and shipping.

Devoted to God: Blueprints for Sanctification by Sinclair B. Ferguson. I have a review of this planned with the title, “The Long-Awaited Successor to J C Ryle’s Holiness.” That’s how good this book is.

Kindle Deals

Parables: The Mysteries of God’s Kingdom Revealed Through the Stories Jesus Told by John F. MacArthur ($1.99)

Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole by Eric Mason ($0.99)

God Is Red: The Secret Story of How Christianity Survived and Flourished in Communist China by Liao Yiwu ($1.99)

A Family Guide to the Bible by Christin Ditchfield ($2.99)


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