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22 ways your kids’ world is much different than yours

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Pray for Chip and Joanna and their church. The cultural inquisition is coming.

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Erik Raymond on the need for pastors to continue personal development.

Citing the pressing demands of ministry many simply don’t prioritize continuing theological education, training, and learning. Specifically, this means that many are not intentionally reading theological books, biographies, journals, or other materials geared to developing theological depth—unless they are studying for their sermons.

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3 Common Ways Churches Overcomplicate Their Calendars – Eric Geiger
“When there is a plethora of programs/events on the calendar, it is hard to know which ones are really important. How do churches get to an overcomplicated church schedule? How does busyness creep in? Here are three common ways:”

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nly for those who are getting to bed on time the night before.

CDC Study Says Teen Virgins Are Healthier Than Sexually Active Teens
“High school students who are virgins rate significantly and consistently better in nearly all health-related behaviors and measures than their sexually active peers.

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