How to Read John Owen
Some of Ryan McGraw’s tips for reading John Owen:

  • Do not get bogged down with Owen’s outlines. Keep reading and try to follow the big picture of where his argument. He did not write random collections of devotional thoughts, but books with definite aims. Keep his goals in mind as you read.
  • Read the table of contents of a book in order to preview its contents at a glance. Puritan authors’ tables of contents were more detailed than we are used to today. They can help you digest the material better.
  • Persevere and keep reading. Reading seventeenth-century theology is like learning another language. While Owen wrote in English, it is not the English that you know and use. This is an obstacle for modern readers whether we are reading Owen or anyone else from his time. Reading Owen is like making a new friend. The more time you spend with him, the more you will know and like him. Patterns of thought will become familiar and easy, though never predictable or mundane.
  • Develop your reading skills generally. In his classic work How to Read a Book, Mortimer J. Adler notes that modern education does not carry us beyond a grammar-school reading level. Few people today learn how to read theology or philosophy. Reading Owen provides a good opportunity to become a better reader. Read Adler’s book to help you as well. It is a classic for good reasons.

Christians Must Be Myth Busters
“Christian myth busters don’t just point out what’s wrong in the worldviews of others; they embody what’s true, and good, and beautiful in the gospel of Jesus Christ. So that others want the gospel to be true.”

Why are bookstores struggling?
Two articles by a Christian bookstore operator. Part 1 and Part 2. Anyone interested in books and education should read these articles.

7 Ways to Care for Your Wife
Click through for exposition of each point:

  1. Lead Her in Worship.
  2. Carry Her Burdens. 
  3. Provide for Her.
  4. Serve Her in the Home.
  5. Praise Her in Public. 
  6. Show Her Affection. 
  7. Be Transparent With Her.

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