How I Gleaned Hope from the Darkest Psalm
“I’m so grateful Psalm 88 is included in Scripture. It reminds me that I can cry out to God with a broken heart and that he hears me—no matter how weak my prayers. It directs me to focus on the truth of who God is, for even in the darkest night, his grace still shines. And when it seems as though darkness is my only friend, I can remember Jesus Christ, who faced the darkness of the grave so that I could be called a friend of God. ”

Did Old Testament Men Treat Their Wives Like Property?
“The sense I am left with after reading the Bible as a whole is that men loved and appreciated their wives, just as they do today”

Helping those who struggle with anxiety
“When people struggle with anxiety, they need to address their physical needs as well. Sometimes this will mean talking to a doctor or other medical professional about their anxiety and receiving medical treatment. There’s no shame in needing help. If anxiety keeps them from fulfilling normal daily tasks, they need to get that help.”

10 Suggestions for the Wannabe Writer
“How can I become an author?” Start with this article.

Stories of Suicide and the Faith Community
This article on suicide and the black community has good counsel for all churches:

Establish an understanding of what mental illness and mood disorders really are. Consider establishing resources right there in your church, including in-house training for staff, informational videos and pamphlets for parishioners. Invite speakers who have survived mental illness to come in and speak to members of the congregation. Consider preaching sermons on mental illness and mood disorders. Organize events centered around mental health Provide resources that will connect those in need with the right programs and medical professionals.

The Sin of the Boring Sermon

Of Pastors and Politics

David Powlison on Prayer and Counseling

Kindle Books

Side by Side: Walking with Others in Wisdom and Love by Ed Welch $3.99.

The Pastor and Counseling: The Basics of Shepherding Members in Need $3.99.