Watch an Entirely Free, Seminary-Level Course on the Reformation
Justin Taylor links to the syllabi, reading list, and videos of Carl Truman’s course on Reformation history.

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year
“Here’s my advice for fitting more reading into your own life, based on the behaviors that I changed:”

  1. Centralize reading in your home.
  2. Make a public commitment.
  3. Find a few trusted, curated lists.
  4. Change your mindset about quitting.
  5. Take a “news fast” and channel your reading dollars.
  6. Triple your churn rate.
  7. Read physical books.
  8. Reapply the 10,000 steps rule.

New Research Debunks The ‘Ball And Chain’ Myth
Contrary to the common view among men that marriage is an “expensive encumbrance on their freedom and their sex lives,” new research finds married men have more money, better sex, and a longer life than their single peers.

How Not to Help a Sufferer
Four ways we, like Job’s friends, can pour burning coals on the heads of those already sitting in ashes:

  1. Appeal too quickly to God’s sovereignty.
  2. Launch into a story of how God used your suffering.
  3. Minimize the wrongdoing that caused the suffering.
  4. Emphasize character formation while neglecting comfort and compassion.

4 Barriers to Effective Pastoral Ministry – LifeWay Pastors
And how to remove them:

  1. Busyness is a barrier to effectiveness.
  2. Interruptions are a barrier to effectiveness.
  3. Lack of a clear personal mission is a barrier to effectiveness.
  4. Lack of personal organization is a barrier to effectiveness.

3 Ways Busyness Is Destroying You And Your Relationships
While on the subject of busyness:

  1. Busyness creates an inner turmoil because our work, even our work for that which is good, cannot satisfy us.
  2. Busyness creates an irritability with and sense of moral superiority over others, including God.
  3. Busyness leads us to question God’s character.

5 Things Singles Wish Married Couples Knew

  1. God settles the solitary in a family—and it might be yours.
  2. Marriage is sanctifying, but so is singleness.
  3. Our singleness doesn’t define us. You can help us remember that.
  4. Culture lies to us a lot.
  5. Don’t expect all your single friends to get married.

Kindle Books

Union and Communion with Christ by Maurice Roberts $2.99.

Who Made God?: And Answers to Over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith by Ravi Zacharias $6.99.

Good News About Injustice: A Witness of Courage in a Hurting World $3.99.