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Stop Calling Everything Hate | Tim Challies
“We need to resist this updated definition of ‘hate,’ to keep the new, expansive form of the word out of the church. Otherwise, we risk confusing hatred with confidence about revealed truth—we need to have the ability to confidently declare what is orthodox and what is heterodox, what is consistent with the Bible and what is heretical. ”

6 Reasons to Get Out of Your Office and Engage Your People on Sunday | Mark Dance, LifeWay Pastors
“Some preachers hunker down and hyper-tweak their sermons during and between worship services on Sunday. Is it possible to make as big of an impact in the hall than from your pulpit on Sunday mornings? I don’t say that to take away from the power and primacy of preaching, but I don’t think you need to choose between loving and feeding your people each Sunday.”

What Christianity in China Is Really Like | Colin Clark, TGC
“I have a friend who travels to China several times a year for ministry. His plans are top secret; even those traveling with him aren’t informed of trip details, and other parts of the itinerary are only unfurled on a need-to-know basis… I, on the other hand, openly and publicly pastor a church in China. When people ask me what I do for a living—even publicly in a crowd of people—I say, ‘I’m a pastor of a church. You should come visit sometime!’ Perhaps you’re more familiar with the former description of ministry in China, perhaps the latter, perhaps both. Regardless, seemingly contradictory reports on ministry in the Middle Kingdom can lead to no little confusion.”

Evolution’s irony: The Kingdom of Speech | Jesse Johnson, The Cripplegate
The Kingdom of Speech, by Tom Wolfe, is a fun tour of the folly of evolution. While Wolf himself is an atheist, he is a vocal critic of the atheistic materialism that grips the Western world. He traces much of this materialistic swagger to the arrogance of modern evolutionary science, which he critiques in The Kingdom of Speech.”

Yes, You Can Please Your Heavenly Father | Kevin DeYoung, TGC
“One of the principal motivations for holiness is the pleasure of God.”

Low-Tech Solutions for High Impact Pastors | Rob Hurtgen, LifeWay Pastors
“In this two-part series, I want to share some low-tech solutions for high impact pastors. Solutions that through much study—mixed with a lot of trial and error—I have found to help increase my own productivity and effectiveness. I hope they are helpful to you.”

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The Cost: What it takes to follow Jesus by Steven J. Lawson

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 “How does biblical teaching about mercy and security influence the immigration debate?”
Two vital Biblical principles in dealing with the immigration issue.