Your Secret Weapon Against Pornography | Paul Tautges, Counseling One Another
“In the battle against porn addiction, Tim Challies persuasively argues that there is one secret weapon many men never take advantage of; that is, a mentoring relationship that will provide accountability and encouragement to continue fighting the fight.”

Looking for Mentors | Jared Olivetti, Gentle Reformation
Next step from previous article.

[GIVEAWAY] 5 Public Speaking Tips from Charles Spurgeon | Eric Geiger
“So, what was Spurgeon’s secret? How did the “Prince of Preachers” master the art of public speaking? Here are five tips from Spurgeon’s lecture “On the Voice.”

Why Pastors Should Work Hard to Write Well | Kevin DeYoung, TGC
“Pastors should work hard to become clear, competent writers. That’s the thesis. Here’s the outline: two caveats, three reasons, four suggestions.”

So I quit drinking. | Sarah Bessey
Sarah Bessey’s dawning realization that drink had got a hold of her:

…We begin to sense that this Thing that used to be okay is no longer okay. The Thing that used to mean freedom has become bondage. The Thing that used to signal joy has become a possibility of sorrow. The Thing that used to mean nothing has become something, perhaps everything. Or at least that’s what happened to me. It was fine, everything was fine. And then I knew it wasn’t going to be fine for much longer.

A Priority to Rest? | Michael Chung, Jesus Creed

In studying Jesus’s final ten days, chronicled in The Last King of Israel, one of many things that stands out was how Jesus rested during those final ten days. Despite knowing his mission was about to end (John 13:1-3), he made time for rest.

Breast Cancer Marred My Picture-Perfect Marriage | Kim Harms, Christianity Today
“I would never have believed it possible to simultaneously be so in love and so angry—to be so close and yet so alienated from each other. I lived my life clinging to my husband to get through each day and yet there was also a divide between us that felt impossible to cross. At one point after a painful argument, I thought, This is it. We’ve had 17 great years, and now, for the rest of our lives, we will endure this brokenness. We’ll love each other, but that love will be tainted by this damage we’ll never be able to fix.

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