A Letter from Kabwata: We have lost the sense of God | Conrad Mbewe
Listen to this passionate please from Pastor Mbewe:

O for a generation of young people who will once again have the atmosphere of eternity upon their souls. O for a band of young adults who will have a profound sense of God that will make them to cry as Isaiah cried, “Woe is me! For I am lost; for I am a man of unclean lips and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips; for my eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts!” O for authentic biblical Christianity to once again permeate our churches. When God raises up such a generation, we will rest assured that the future of the church militant is in good hands, for the people who know their God will do exploits for him. Until then we should weep in prayer and refuse to be comforted. We have lost the sense of God!

Working Women Are Leaving the Church. Here’s How to Bring Them Back| Diane Paddison, Institute for Faith, Work and Economics
“It is possible to stem the tide of working women leaving the church. See that working woman, acknowledge her, and provide opportunities for her to connect, learn, and serve. With the church’s help, she can transform her family, her workplace, her church, and her community with the gospel.”

This Clinic Has Rescued 30,000 Babies. Every One Has A Beautiful Story | Jay Hobbs, The Federalist
“Ten years into Heartbeat of Miami’s history, Avila has seen more than 30,000 women who were vulnerable to abortion instead choose life for their babies.”

To the Unknown Pastor | Jordan Standridge, The Cripplegate
“I’ve often heard Paul Washer and Steve Lawson say things like, ‘the best pastors in the world pastor small churches and no one has ever heard of them,’ and I’m not sure I ever agreed with them until now.”

Oddly Fashioned Heroes | Mike Brooks, For The Church
Similar subject to previous post above:

More than likely, you and I are the products of this quiet faithfulness. We stand on the shoulders of men and women who dug their heels in where God had planted them. Plodding men and women whose names will never grace the covers of books found in retail. Men and women whose online followers may never number in the thousands, or even the hundreds for that matter. Men and women whose greatest one-liners will grace only the ears of a few. And yet, these are the men and women God uses. Over and again, far and above what our minds could possibly conceive, He uses them.

3GT Episode 30: Keep the Sabbath Day Holy. But How? | Gentle Reformation
This episode of the Gentle Reformation Podcast answers questions about how to keep the Sabbath like Jesus did.

The Jerusalem Chamber
Another podcast for your listening pleasure and spiritual edification:

The Jerusalem Chamber is a unique collaborative effort between pastors Shawn Anderson, Kyle Borg, Nathan Eshelman, and Joel Wood to provide a round table discussion on the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Making the Wisest Use of Our Time | Paul Tautges, Counseling One Another
“Every week, each of us has 168 hours. If we were to try to account for those hours, we may allocate about 56 hour s to sleep and 40-60 hours for employment, including commutes. That leaves 50-70 hours/week for shopping, education, family, church, and household responsibilities. Once all of that is factored into the equation, the Wall Street Journal recently concluded the average American still has 5 hours and 13 minutes a day for leisure activities. That should lead us to ask ourselves a few questions.”

Dispel the Myths About Down Syndrome | John Knight, Desiring God
“People with Down syndrome, in particular, need to be recognized and celebrated as valuable by Christ’s church because societies and governments around the world do not see them as wonderfully made people:”

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Inclusion and Exclusion of Special Needs in the Church
Check out this discussion I had with Kara Dedert about church community and special needs families. Kara shares her journey with a special needs child at her website, and has created an online community for for moms of children with special needs called the Live Better Members Club.